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Elevator Monitor    

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Hardware Requirements Software Requirements Setup Requirements
  Order & Pricing Info  

Order and Pricing Info

Single line, single operator license         $1,999.99 US
Includes Call-ID hardware device

To order, contact us at: OrderDesk

or call us at: (778) 292-0912

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Product Description

Used in the alarm monitoring and security industry, this product monitors a telephone line for incoming calls from emergency phones in elevators. The caller-id of the incoming call is compared against a customer database and the customer file is displayed along with the particular instructions for the operator to follow for this customer. The system allows for several levels of operator security and support incident archiving, as well as customer history viewing, report printing and automated backup features. Customization, enhancements and modifications are available and priced separately.

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Target Audience

Alarm Monitoring Companies
Alarm Dealers
Property Management Companies
Security Companies
Elevator Repair Companies

Elevator Monitor presents an ideal opportunity for any of the types of companies listed above to expand or enhance their business by providing affordable monitoring of elevators or other phone equipped sites.

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Hardware Requirements

Dedicated PC Recommended
486 system or better (Pentium or better recommended)
8 Meg or more RAM (Operating system may demand more)
10 Meg + hard drive space
Dedicated incoming phone line with Call-Id service enabled

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Software Requirements

Windows NT or better
Elevator Monitor is a 32 bit application

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Setup Requirements

Elevator Monitor is easy to install.
Caller-ID service can be setup by your telephone service provider.
Enter the sites you wish to monitor and your operator id numbers and you are ready to go.


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