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Back Up and Strip (For the eVB 3.0)
Developer tool that strips blank space from eVB projects.
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(For eVB developers)
Embedded Visual Basic 3.0 (eVB 3.0) does not remove all of the unnecessary formatting characters when it compiles or makes the .vb files that you distribute.  Naturally, size of your .vb is very important since it will be installed on a Pocket PC or Win CE device with limited storage and memory.  This utility allows you to quickly, easily and safely remove much of the wasted space in your eVB project files so that you can create smaller .vb files for distribution.   Back Up and Strip reads your original project files but does not modify them.  This utility creates a new compact copy of your project files that you can create a smaller .vb file with.  Your original code formatting and comments are preserved in tack in your original project files.  

Read featured article "Size Matters!" for the background story at:

Version Runs on Windows 2000, NT, ME and 98:
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