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Better Measure 2.0 (For Windows Mobile Professional and Classic)

Better Measure Icon   A unit and currency converter that allows you to quickly and easily use profiles that will suit all of your regular conversion needs. A calculator and innovative digital ruler are also built right in.

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This Version installs on all popular Windows Mobile based devices that use a stylus and touch screen.


Better Measure makes it easy to quickly calculate many different kinds of unit and currency conversions on your Windows Mobile device. Better Measure Profile Screen Shot Better Measure Profile Screen Shot

  • Add and edit profiles to include the types of conversions you use most often

  • Profiles are organized into a series of convenient user configurable tabs

  • Robust support for a wide variety of conversions

  • Numeric input and navigation is designed with the different formats of the latest Windows Mobile devices in mind

Download Currency Exchange Rates

Better Measure Download Exchange Rates Screen Shot Better Measure has built in support for connecting to the World Banks and other sources for up-to-date currency exchange rate data. Select or enter the RSS-CB exchange rate data feed of your choice and tell Better Measure to update your active currencies to the latest rates. It is that simple to pull the current rates into Better Measure by either an Over The Air data connection while you are on the go or from a pass through internet connection when your device is docked to your PC.


Better Measure Built in Calculator Screen Shot New in this version of Better Measure is a powerful and convenient calculator built right into the application. You may even find this calculator so convenient to use that you use Better Measure as your main calculator application on your device. Besides automatically displaying the result of your last conversion when you launch the calculator, the calculator is also integrated with the rest of the application and other applications on your device that support Copy & Paste functionality, allowing you to easily capture and reuse your results in other flexible ways.

Digital Ruler

Better Measure Digital Ruler Screen Shot Better Measure is the first application (to the best of our knowledge) that turns your Windows Mobile device into a Digital Ruler and allows you to use your device's display to accurately measure lengths in either Metric or Imperial measurements. The graphical caliper lines are controlled by the thumb pad on your device (and/or stylus on touch screen devices) and they can be adjusted to align with any of the four edges of your display. Your measurement results can also be pasted into the calculator or conversion screens.

Unit-to-Unit Conversions

Better Measure Unit To Unit Conversion Screen Shot Better Measure 2.0 also introduces the powerful ability to configure Unit-to-Unit conversions between the built in measurement types. The relationship between the two unit types can either be one of multiplication or division. For example by creating a division relationship between currency and volume it becomes very easy for you to compare the relative price of gasoline in other countries that sell gasoline measured in both a different measurement system and currency. This makes Better Measure an excellent tool for cross-border shoppers or purchasing agents who deal with imports and exports.

Orientation aware

Better Measure automatically adjusts its display for your Windows Mobile device's orientation and form factor. It fully supports portrait, landscape, square and dynamic orientation Windows Mobile screens.
Better Measure Landscape Screen Shot

Support for the World's currencies

Better Measure World Currency Support Screen Shot Besides the ability to download currency exchange rates from the internet, Better Measure also provides built in support for most of the World's currencies and allows you to select only those currencies that are relevant to you. You can also create custom currency types to support things like the value of poker chips or other such things that represent units of value.

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