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ROI Stock Trade SIM (For the Pocket PC)
 ROI Stock Trade SIM helps you calculate commission, cost, profit and return on investment plus much more for virtually any equity trade with almost any broker.
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This Pocket PC Version installs on all popular PPCs running Pocket PC 2000, 2002 or 2003:


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Long term investors, casual traders and day traders alike will all find features in this product that will simplify the purchase and sale of equities and provide valuable comparison and analysis information to help them make their transactions more profitable. ROI Stock Trade SIM replaces the need to scribble out purchase and sale calculations and offers a distinctive and important feature that most alternatives can not address. A powerful commission rules engine makes it possible for you to calculate the commission that your broker or other brokers would charge on the transaction and include those calculations when computing things like your Return On Investment.

Some of the other key distinguishing features of this product include:

- Support for brokerage fee schedules from around the globe.
Sample fee schedules accompanying this trade simulator include brokerage firms from Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and can be configured to handle almost any commission fee schedule from almost any brokerage firm.

- Powerful ‘WHAT IF’ Support.
With ROI Stock Trade SIM it is just as easy to figure out a sell price that will make you a profit of 2% as it is to figure out the Net Profit on a buy and sell transaction. Changing the numbers around to see the effect of ‘What Ifs’ is quick and as simple as changing one of the numbers and recalculating.

 - Broker fee comparisons.
Compare up to ten different brokerage fee schedules at one time by looking at specific fees that each broker would charge for a trade of a specific cost and size. By quickly referring to the particular commissions that other brokers charge for the same transaction it is easy for anyone to analyze if they are paying too much for their type or style of trading.

- Stepped comparisons.
Start by calculating the numbers for a simple trade and then view a list of ten scenarios that have similar results but have either the number of shares, share price or change in price adjusted in steps. By examining the changes that result in commissions and ROI it becomes more apparent when you should increase or decrease the number of shares you are working with or the length of time you hold onto your shares to maximize your profits.

- Simplified data entry.
Pocket PC’s are handy to carry around but sometimes we miss our keyboard and numeric keypads when trying to enter data. Besides supporting the standard data entry methods available on the Pocket PC, ROI Stock Trade SIM makes use of an enhanced version of the same innovative and hassle free “doggie pad” that we introduced in our MotgageSIM product. The “doggie pad” keypad follows you to each data field for quick and convenient entry of numbers.

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