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Morris (For the Pocket PC)

Fun and easy-to-learn strategy board game that is difficult to master. Think of it as the Chess of Tic Tac Toe.
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All Pocket PC models on the market are supported by one of the following versions of our product:

(ARM or XScale)
Most current Pocket PC's (2000, 2002 or 2003) use this processor

Early Casios

Early HP Jornadas
Morris is a game of strategy and position that has been popular since 1400 BC. This version for the Pocket PC allows 2 players to play each other or a single player to play one of 5 different computer opponents. Morris is also known by many other names such as Nine Men's Morris, Windmill, Mill, Merels, Muhle, Mlin just to name a few.

*PC Demo Version

* The free demo runs on a regular Windows PC (in a Pocket PC sized window).   The demo will give you a good idea as to how Morris works and allow you to see all of the functionality of the program.   You will also be able to see how each of the computer opponents plays a slightly different strategy.   However, it is much more fun to play on your Pocket PC.
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