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Mortgage SIM (For the Pocket PC)
A simple and powerful tool that anyone involved with mortgages should not be without.

Interest rates are low. Now is a great time to refinance a mortgage.
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All Pocket PC models on the market are supported by one of the following versions of our product:

(ARM or XScale)
Most current Pocket PC's (2000, 2002 or 2003) use this processor

Early Casios

Early HP Jornadas

Canadian and US style mortgage scenarios can be tested and analyzed with just a few clicks of your stylus. Real-estate agents, bankers, lenders or anyone shopping for a mortgage will benefit from the valuable information generated by this mortgage simulator. The program calculates payments for virtually any term, any rate and any principal mortgage amount. Three common “Fast-Pay” methods are used to provide comparative payments for Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly payment schedules. So in a glance you can easily compare and analyze the savings and term lengths of ten different payment approaches. If you need more information this program also generates detailed Amortization Schedules for any of the ten different payment options in each mortgage simulation. The flexibility of this tool also allows prospective buyers to calculate the size of mortgage that they could afford based on a predetermined monthly payment, rate and term. Modifying and reworking any scenario is as simple as adjusting a number and hitting the Calc key again.  
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This program was designed specifically with the use of a stylus on the Pocket PC in mind, and provides a convenient input keypad for entering numbers right on screen.
From our customers
"I use this product daily in my work as a financial planner and frankly this is the best tool I have on my Pocket PC."

"Before using this software I was able to calculate mortgage payments for clients on a financial calculator but they would not be able to see for themselves the advantage of pre-payments on a mortgage. With this tool I am able to show them what is happening with their additional payments."
"Keep up the good work guys... "

Gilles Grondin
New Brunswick, Canada
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