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 Mortgage SIM 2.1 (For Pocket PC)
Simulate mortgage and loan scenarios to track new and existing mortgages and to find the best payment options.

Now with NEW WM 5.0 features:
  • email Timelines and Comparisons to your contacts
  • email to your PC for printing
Interest rates are low.
Now is a great time to refinance your mortgage.
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For Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices:

Bankers, home buyers, students, and real-estate agents can save time and money by evaluating different payment options when using this powerful decision tool.

Timeline and graphing features help you see the impact of lump sum payments, changes in interest rates and renegotiating part-way through the term.

Version 2.1 supports:
  • greater user configurability
  • lump sum or balloon payments
  • repeating lump sum payments
  • variable rate mortgage comparisons
  • refinancing or payment adjustments
  • configurable and custom comparison scenarios
  • timeline graphing
  • greater variety of payment frequencies:
    • Annual
    • SemiAnnual
    • Quarterly
    • Monthly
    • SemiMonthly
    • Weekly
    • Daily
  • rounding up of payments to nearest cent, nickel, dime or dollar
  • calculation of any one of the four base mortgage variables from the other three
  • optional setting makes calculating Canadian style payments a breeze
Three common “Fast-Pay” methods are used to provide comparative payments for Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly payment schedules. So, in a glance you can easily compare and analyze the savings and term lengths of a wide variety of user-configurable, alternate payment approaches.

The flexibility of this tool also allows prospective buyers to calculate the size of mortgage that they could afford based on a predetermined monthly payment, rate and term.

The program calculates payments for virtually any term, any rate, and any principal mortgage amount.

If you need more information, this program also generates detailed Amortization Schedules for any of the different payment option scenarios.

Modifying and reworking any scenario can be as simple as adjusting one of the mortgage factors.
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